Career Profile

I am a generalist engineer focused on solving problems quickly and with maintainability.

I'm proficient in Ruby ecosystem (Deployments, Automatic Tests, Tasks automation, Web Development, Refactor) and skilled in MySQL & PostgreSQL relational databases. I've deep knowledge in Cloud Computing (AWS, GCloud, Digital Ocean).

Related to Infrastructure and Tasks Automation I am experienced in Cloud Computing providers (AWS, GCloud, Digital Ocean), automation with Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, Shell Script (and related tools like sed, awk, ssh, bc, etc).


Software Engineer and IT Specialist

2019 - present
PlugJá, São Paulo, Brazil

  • Product Development

Software Engineer and Cloud Computing Specialist

2017 - 2019
TOTVS SA, São Paulo, Brazil

  • Ruby specialist
    • Development of orchestration software for internal products
      • Frameworks (Rails / Sinatra)
      • Tests automation (Rspec / Minitest)
      • Web servers deployment (Puma / Unicorn / Passenger)
  • Cloud computing specialist
    • Orchestration and automation of deployments into public Clouds (AWS/Azure)
      • Cluster orquestration (Kubernetes / Docker)
      • Infrastructure automation (Terraform)
      • Configuration automation (Ansible)
      • Distributed configuration (Consul)
      • Monitoring and Logging (Prometheus / Datadog / LogDNA)
  • Other Knowledges
    • Databases (PostgreSQL)
    • General Purpose Cache (Redis)
    • Shell Scripting (Bash)
    • Linux (Debian / Ubuntu / CentOS / RHEL / Arch)

Senior Software Engineer

2014 - 2017, São Paulo, Brazil

  • Development of internal systems (Ruby ecossystem)
    • Feature development
    • Integration with external partners
    • Integration with external services
  • Infrastructure/Operations (AWS ecossystem)
    • Development of Application Architecture (Load Balancers, Reverse Proxies, Application Servers)
    • Maintenance of Application Architecture (Monitoring, House-Keeping, Deployment Automation)
  • Internal infrastructure/Operations
    • Internet links and High-Availability
    • Internal Wi-Fi Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Tech Lead/Team Management
    • Team Lead
    • Interface with Business Teams
    • Expectations Management
    • Technology definition
    • Methodology definition and Process Maintenance
    • Recruitment

Software Engineer

2013 - 2014
Shopcliq, São Paulo, Brazil

  • AWS architecture definition, implementation.
  • Improvements into back-end software
  • Database analysis and improvements
  • Improvements in infrastructure

Operations Developer

2011 - 2012
boo-box, São Paulo, Brazil

In this position I was responsible to help the Operations Team to keep the system healthy and stable, and to support the Developers Team to optimize the software for our infrastructure, solve bugs and improve system's architecture.


This is a list of my side projects.

Hepcats' Fever - International Lindy Hop Festival - An international dance festival with lectures, parties, international teachers and a lot of fun.
1941 Vintage' - lectures control system - A system that control students, lectures, teachers and attendances in 1941 Vintage Dance School
Ruby system-getifaddrs - A Ruby gem that reads NIC's configurations and returns into a data stucture to be consumed inside Ruby program
Ruby BR-CNPJ - A small Ruby gem to generate Brazilian CNPJ.
Ruby BR-CPF - A small Ruby gem to generate Brazilian CPF.

Skills & Proficiency

Ruby & Rails

Redis & Sidekiq

PostgreSQL & MySQL

Linux & Shell-Script

Terraform & Ansible


Javascript & EC6 CSS Framework

Kubernetes & Docker